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No Matter WhatYou Are An Athlete

Everyone is an athlete within and everyone is unique, but not everyone has access to elite level coaching and the type of care and attention needed and everyone should – whether you are a youth athlete, an endless meetings executive, get your workouts in when you can life goer or anyone in-between.

Niks Performance was founded by renowned Strength Coach Nikki Rouillard.  After years of helping athletes return from injury and exceed at their sport, she has been adamant to create a similar environment for the general public, too. The goal is to formulate a model to enhance elite athletic performance by creating a combination model of injury prevention, bio-mechanical assessment, fitness, and performance enhancement training in an environment that is applicable for all ages and activity levels.

Our Goal is Simple. We Want To Help You
“Break Through Barriers … Become UNSTOPPABLE”


    Our team features prominent members that are known for their superior care.  We give excellent care to our clients and educate as well.


    Our experts in injury, chiropractic, fitness, and athletic performance work together to help you reach your goals.


    Our high powered and thorough assessment allows our team to customize an individualized rehab, fitness, or athletic performance program to address your specific needs and achieve your personal goals. No matter what your current level of health or fitness, a program is designed specifically for you.


    Whether it is reconditioning from a surgery, losing weight, or getting ready for the season, we’ll get you to your goals as fast and safe as possible.

Katie (Ritz) Carradine

Self determination is powerful. There are no excuses other than your own. Katie made choices that has changed her life forever..Though her preparation initially started for a wedding date, her promise is to continue the journey! Good job Katie!

Katie (Ritz) Carradine From 272lbs to 188lbs

Kyler T


Kyler decided to commit to hisself and his goals. It took time but once his decision was made he was all in. “I got tired of being fat.” That’s been the motivation ever since.

Kyler TFrom 287lbs to 188lbs
It does take some EFFORT

Things don’t happen over night…chip a way one day at a time…

It does take some EFFORT
David Komisarchik, CU Boulder

Towards the end of high school I thought I had hit my peak with my swim times and athletically. My mom believed that I needed to build more strength and endurance and also suggested that I train with here instructor at the time, which happened to be Nikki. Nikki was able to show me unique workouts and strength training exercises that kick started my fitness and put me in the right direction. I recently was able to be a part of the group workouts that have allowed me to exercise with people who have common goal and who push each other as well. I have been able to get individual and personal attention to help me reach my goals with my sport and with my body. Specifically, I have been able to see greater definition in my arms and legs and have finally been able to see improvement in my core strength. Most importantly, because Nikki researched swimming, she was able to help me train for the sport. This year, I have already been able to improve personal best times in my swim events without being fully rested, something I have not been able to do since high school. This program has allowed me to regain confidence in my fitness abilities and has even helped my self motivation as I currently use Niks Pro Fitness work outs at school to help me stay in shape for swimming. I am so grateful for Nikki and this program and do not think I could be this successful without any of this.

David Komisarchik, CU Boulder
Kenny Bell,  Nebraska Huskers
Kenny, a great all around athlete since day 1 has shown extreme perseverance, dedication, commitment and charm lol, to be the best he can be. A very passionate and emotional player in every sport he has played! I had the luxury of working with this young man and knew he would be something special… And he is!
Kenny Bell, Nebraska Huskers
Beth, 58

” I started weight training when I was 27 yrs old. I am  now 58. 2 years ago I developed tendonitis in the shoulder which inevitably turned into tendonosis…I decided to take another path because what I was doing wasn’t working. So I started with Nikki on April 1, 2013…I have been training with her for 8 months now and I wish I would have started training with her when my shoulder problems started. I have been to doctors, physical therapy, other trainers, ice n heat, alive, stretching, MRI’s, X-rays, and a cortisone shot. Even took time off and none of this worked. But the one person who does work is Nikki. She is beyond a trainer. Through all of her processes guidance, advice, and knowledge my arm no longer feels achy o like it is going to fall off or just flat out fucked up.I can say I am 99% better. I look forward to training with her because I get huge results. I also had to get all of my pants taken in – and that was not even a part of the plan.Oh, one more thing, I added up all of the costs of doctor visits, physical therapy, MRI, X-rays etc…I could have used all that money with Nikki..I got results a lot quicker! I just want to say thank you Nikki, I could not be happier. You have exceeded my expectations!

Beth, 58
Colin Starr, Catcher for MidAmerica Nazarene University, Senior 2012

Hard work will beat talent when talent won’t work hard. Well what happens when talent works hard? You get Nikki. I have trained with her for the past three years after a friend of mine had great results from training with her. The expertise and diverse knowledge that Nikki brings to her training distinguishes her from the rest. Her experience is among some of the best as she trains with all kinds of athletes and people. Her heart is in what she does and she has a genuine care for each of her client’s individual results. She has helped me through several prolonged injuries that nobody else could understand. Working with her has helped me see the results I wanted. I have improved my athleticism with things including my vertical jump, agility and speed as well as pure strength. The results have then translated onto the baseball field demanding attention from my peers, coaches and professional scouts. I credit a great amount of my recent development to Nikki and to her assistance in my workouts. She is the most qualified professional I have ever worked with. She is simply the best. Thanks Nik!

Colin Starr, Catcher for MidAmerica Nazarene University, Senior 2012
Mike Burke, 2012 World’s Strongest Man

In December of 2011, I was ready to quit after an early and young successful career. I wasn’t sure what and if any changes could be made to eliminate my back pain. I needed to compete in California in order to qualify for the Arnold’s ( first as a pro) the next month in January which was technically 3 weeks out. I won and followed by a 5th place finish at the Arnold’s which was my goal amongst the top ten.

My back pain has diminished and Nikki has helped tremendously with recovery, technique work, and core conditioning

Mike Burke, 2012 World’s Strongest Man
Chaundra Sewell University of Wyoming basketball; 2009 Broomfield High Grad

I worked with Nikki the summer before my freshman year at the University of Wyoming to prepare for my first year of college basketball.  In the end of 3 short months on her program I improved my speed, strength, power, agility, jumping ability and overall conditioning. I came in well ahead of my freshman class and some of the sophomore class when we reported to camp! I told Nikki my goal was to set the record in Power Clean by my sophomore year..I sent her a message saying guess who broke the record!

Chaundra Sewell University of Wyoming basketball; 2009 Broomfield High Grad


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