Camala Rodriguez-McClure Arnold Classic and Fitness International Winner

1st Place Sweeps – Camala Rodriguez-McClure

“Bang Bang into the room” lol! Camala surprised a lot of people this year coming back after a difficult loss in September 14′ at the Olympia. Let me interrupt myself…not just coming back but sweeping the Arnold’s in Columbus and Australia! Her presence was commanding. Her figure physique was on point from every aspect that not a judge or fan or anyone present could deny.




There you go. Hard work but I will also add in smart work has paid off. Bodybuilding is a game of chess at times with your self and with the one’s adding points and/or docking points so to speak and everything in between. But you do your best one day at a time.
Next up , where does Camala go from here?
Well it’s not my place to announce, but I do know her eyes are set on the Olympia. If any other contest is in line before I guarantee she’s not looking past it. Camala wants to win it all, who wouldn’t? But redemption is in my thoughts…
In the meantime enjoy this Camala, for it is the present! And your time to train and prepare is close ahead and will be here shortly!