What Is and Is not Training?

I had a short discussion with some of my strongmen in regards to training…and ….cross fit. And it took 5 secs at the most for us to get the point across that cross fit is not training. It’s WOD. Funny not long ago I didn’t even know what WOD meant! I am no cross fit fan for sure for legit reasons. But I don’t need to discuss that in this article as it would never end.



But what I do want to discuss is training. Training and working out are not one in the same. Training requires program design to achieve an end result that is sought out. What kind of result? Any! Strength, power, strength, fat loss, weight loss (the last two respectively are not one in the same either).  If you have done your homework you would understand this acronym S.A.I.D. principle. I say this especially to those self proclaiming trainers out there whose “education” came from personal workouts, drug abuse and muscle and fitness magazines.



Cross fit is not training… you can’t hit a movement in one week and come back 6 weeks later and think you’ve improved and found appropriate adaptation for that movement. So again, cross fit is not training it’s WOD. What also falls in line with cross fit and it’s WOD is smash workouts.  Barely being able to walk out of the gym or barely breathing the entire time does not equate to training for a reason and outcomes. The only outcome is your body is thrashed. But people mistakenly think pain means good. Eh…!?! So again, smash workouts do not equate to training either. If you like them so be it. You may see some change if you hadn’t worked out in awhile. Or was put on a ridiculous bodybuilding contest dieting scheme. Yes getting shredded is a great look but unsustainable if done in a contest cut regimen.



But when things don’t change anymore and you have tweaks to injury let me know and I’d gladly say I told ..I mean I will gladly explain why.

So I just wanted to get a simplified reason on what training IS and what WOD IS NOT… I sincerely hope those of you out there looking for training will think about the difference.