Throwing Prep Program

One of the most common mistakes I see in young and amateur players is improper throwing programs that may be hurting them more than helping them. Improper warm up is one likely element. Throwing is’s dynamic and the body should be prepared appropriately before you throw as hard as you can.

By not using a progressive method of warming up the arm before they start throwing hard, it diminishes arm care and you don’t prepare your body for the demands of throwing.  Trust me, big leaugers are not throwing as hard as they can on the 5th throw of the day.

In order to reduce the risk of injury first and then improve performance one must know the difference between putting in work and preparation.



Your throwing prep program really requires two things:

1) Prepare your body

2) Prepare for throwing.

Coming up I will be posting a pair of articles on these two preparation needs.

In-Season Programs

Nike Performance is offering in-season strength and conditioning and arm care programs this spring. Maximize your performance, recover better between games, and reduce your chance for injury. If you are serious about baseball, contact us now for more information, including info on our current special pricing for in-season arm care programs.