Standards In The Fitness Industry (Cross Fit Included)

I’ve been in the strength and conditioning field for many years now. I have mentored with some outstanding people. It has paved the way for me to better at what I do for my own programming and especially for my athletes and general fitness folks.



One size fits all programs don’t really work in the long run…

What I have seen over the years with incoming trainers, proclaimed trainers and crossfire gyms of all sizes is this…WOD. While I will say some people hate to plan or don’t know how to plan for workouts, and some people who want to work out don’t want ‘repeats’ because it’s boring. You won’t be bored with WODs but you won’t necessarily get the results you’re seeking either. Randomness can only work for so long. Then what? Where do you go? You don’t even know where you’ve been LOL..(I am laughing but with frustration too). All people, all gyms, all cross fitters who want your money will say the catch all phrase  ‘RESULTS DRIVEN’. ” We are a results driven gym. Best in town”. While you should expect that, know this… WODs and Results Driven do not equal each other.


Unfortunately, what I see most and hear even more than that is how people get hurt in the these particular WOD cases. While WOD often means Cross Fit it also is and has been apparent in every gym I’ve ever been to such as 24 hour fitness, Bally’s, 1 gym private owners, etc… WOD just sounds better the than just throwing a bunch of exercises together to smash you. Every gym has “trainers” like these. 90% of them are this and worse because they have no idea about you and your should and should nots. If you walk in a gym pain free (though doesn’t mean you don’t have issues, you just can’t feel them at that point in time) you definitely should not be walking out in pain…with ice packs on the low back or in the shoulder region. And though the misnomer is because it kicked your a$$ it was a great workout. Listen it doesn’t mean it was good for you. Seek better. Expect better. Period.




One last comment I feel is necessary to put forward…the cross fit methodology applies to one sport…Cross fit. Its use should not be applied for any other sport to improve performance in that sport.  Cross fit for baseball? No. Cross Fit for volleyball, basketball, football, NO. Just cross fit.  Think carry over. Needs. It’s not happening. It is easy to think it will help but nope.

Remember words are words. Proclamations can be made, but time will tell the truth.