Prone Barbell Row

What Does It Do: This is an excellent exercise that tags the upper back, specifically the (lower) lats. The exercise lends itself to taking away “body shifts” and forces the lifter to place a premium on technique and really recruits the lats to fire up.


Key Coaching Cues:


Be sure you use a set-up that allows you to fully extend (straighten out) your arms. The should be enough room for the shoulder blades to move around the thorax/rib cage.

Squeeze the glutes, engage the abs. This will help prevent any hyper-extension of the lumbar spine.

Try to keep the neck packed (make a double chin).

Think about pulling your elbows towards the hips. The barbell will more or less be in line with your belly button.

Pull barbell all the way up until barbell touches the bench. If you find that that position places you in too much glenohumeral extension (shoulders roll forward), you can add a fat pad to the barbell to help lessen the ROM.

Progression would be to eventually lift the legs off the bench, via the glutes (hip extension).

Perform for sets of 8-10 repetitions.