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Knowledge And Application of Preventing Baseball Injuries

The problem is not a lack of knowledge; the problem is a lack of action and consequences. One of my long time mentors posted an article about overspecialization in sports and further into throwing injuries. So I view it wise to repost. We’re at a point in time where just about everyone knows that throwing […]

Why You Need A Coach

As an athlete myself,  I know and value the role coaches can support our lives. And now as a coach myself over the last 10 years I have a positive bias towards that.   Here are four reasons I feel each and every one of us should have coaches in our lives.   #1 – […]

Tempurature Applications For Recovery

The age old usage of ice and heat for injury recovery has been a sound start in that process. The less than old usage of tempurature application for recovery from workouts such as ice and heat may not be so sound for recovery.   The thought is (mind you this is pending science based and […]

Dodging The Holiday Weight HO HO

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving in America and many people still feel like they haven’t recovered from all of that food and fun. If you’re one of those people who over-stuffed themselves, statistics say you will gain 5 pounds between now and Christmas. That’s just the way it is. And according to the New […]

Client Katie R

  Profile: Katie R. Status: current client at Niks Performance Photo: Before and After Feeling: Awesome     This is Katie. As you can see she has made some changes for herself! This is not uncommon at NP but everyone has their own situation going on for maybe many reasons. But the bottom line for […]

5 Most Important Pillars For Fat Loss

No one really thinks about fat loss. They think weight loss and truly there is a difference. However, in your fat loss quest I urge a bit of a mindset change on how you will proceed in your workouts to lose fat without thinking burning fat. You’ll quickly see what I mean… Pillar #1 – […]

Deadlifting Styles

Many lifters have a hard time dead lifting. Ok so what now…. there are 3 different types of dead lifting that a lifter can “choose” from. I purposefully emphasized choose for a reason. Dead lifting strength, pain intolerances, comfortability and frankly if you should or not lies in assessing the best we can on pelvic […]

Standards In The Fitness Industry (Cross Fit Included)

I’ve been in the strength and conditioning field for many years now. I have mentored with some outstanding people. It has paved the way for me to better at what I do for my own programming and especially for my athletes and general fitness folks.   One size fits all programs don’t really work in […]

Throwing Prep Program

One of the most common mistakes I see in young and amateur players is improper throwing programs that may be hurting them more than helping them. Improper warm up is one likely element. Throwing is aggressive..it’s dynamic and the body should be prepared appropriately before you throw as hard as you can. By not using a […]

Aging Athletes Keeping Muscle

Being A Life-Long Athlete Keeps Your Mind And Body Strong.   I think we all know that as we get older our mental and physical abilities start to decline. But the study of sciences have shown this. Between the age of 40 and 50, the sedentary can lose more than 8 percent of our muscle […]