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Metabolic Men And Metabolic Women

Key Points: 1. Most of the major differences in performance and metabolism between genders can be explained by size and body composition, not gender itself. 2. Of the true gender differences, the most important ones have to do with differences in sex hormones and fiber types. 3. Additionally, womens’ fat and muscle tissue is better […]

Dead Lifting And Spinal Position

Dead lifting. So may of us dead lifting very few the right way. It is about pulling heavy shit off the floor BUT it is not about pulling heavy shit off the floor by any means possible. Our injury prone nation that lies in and out of the gym astonishes me when it comes to […]

What Is and Is not Training?

I had a short discussion with some of my strongmen in regards to training…and ….cross fit. And it took 5 secs at the most for us to get the point across that cross fit is not training. It’s WOD. Funny not long ago I didn’t even know what WOD meant! I am no cross fit […]

Your Squat Unleashed!

Sounds cool huh? Squat Unleashed. I like it…therefore…I used it for my article. Before we get into the square meal of what I want to talk about in Your Squat Unleashed (damn that’s badass) ..sorry ok, article…let’s make sure we know what page we all are on.       #1 – we know there […]

All Purpose Deload Week

I’m often asked about deload weeks… 1-What do you do during one? 2-Do I need them? And if so, how often? FIRST – A good rule of thumb on a deload week is a 50-60% reduction compared to your normal volume and/or intensity. One isn’t necessarily better than the other and if you’re feeling really […]

I Am Tight … Do I Need To Stretch

Today we are going to talk about muscle tightness. When to stretch and when not to. To get to the point, muscle shortness is when muscle sarcomeres or muscle fibers change their structure … it is an issue that takes place with an injury or after surgery or a joint stuck in one position for […]

Camala Rodriguez-McClure Arnold Classic and Fitness International Winner

1st Place Sweeps – Camala Rodriguez-McClure “Bang Bang into the room” lol! Camala surprised a lot of people this year coming back after a difficult loss in September 14′ at the Olympia. Let me interrupt myself…not just coming back but sweeping the Arnold’s in Columbus and Australia! Her presence was commanding. Her figure physique was […]

Michael Burke Jr. Arnold Classic Strongman

  Michael Burke Jr.. Strongman 6 foot something…HUGE 3oo something out pounds….. He will get stronger. We will make him better. Faster. ‘Na nah nuh…nuh huh na nun na nuh naa..’ (think 6 million dollar man theme song) okay okay, so Mike didn’t quite finish the way we wanted nor thought. But a little 5.5 […]

Which Squat Variation Should Athletes Use?

Which Squat Variation Should Athletes Use? Squats are a corner stone lift, however, I don’t back squat all athletes.  I prefer the front squat variation to the back squat depending on the situation.  There are times where even front squatting could be discarded and I’ll go with single leg variations. A lot of coaches may […]

Why Young Athletes Should Train Smarter, not HARDER!

I stumbled on a Twitter comment that I’ve been ramping about for ages. The bottom line to the long time approach to athletic conditioning. He wrote, “It’s easy to make someone tired. It’s difficult to improve an athlete’s performance”. It wouldn’t be hard to layout these thoughts… he saw craziness. Either coaches or ‘trainers’ were […]