Programming Concepts

Fire Rescue Professionals have job specific training needs. Evaluating the demands and risks it is from our viewpoint that fitness can save lives. Our programming depicts this thought.

If you are an unfit fire and rescue professionals you will have an increased risk to injuries, a possible shortened career and unfortunately, fatalities can occur.

We believe a change in preparedness is where we differ.  Maintaining health directly affects your ability to do your job. Our goal is to reduce injury risk, lengthen your career and increasing your effectiveness.

Our programming for Fire Rescue Professionals is designed by a needs analysis geared toward understanding requirements, challenges, and opportunities.


Performance Qualities of a Fire Rescue Professional:

High Relative Strength

High Work Capacity for Short/Intense Events

Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility

Sprinting Speed and Explosiveness

Grip Strength

Durability for Longevity




Mountain Endurance

Wildland Firefighters do not enjoy unloaded movement and hands free regimen. Unfortunately, the common type of training protocols firefighters go through is unloaded and basic calisthenics work.


Our View Reflects This Type Of Fitness Training Preparation:

  • Mountain-Specific Aerobic Endurance
    • Uphill/Downhill Movement Under Load, Demands Of The Job
  • Intense Upper Body
  • Lower Back
  • Transferrable Mid-Section Strength Training
  • Sprinting Based Work Capacity



1) Job Performance is our goal when designing programs. If training does not have a high transferability… we are not doing our job.

2) Strength is the foundation of performance. Total body, core and work capacity is our focus. We build durability…strength and mobility are king.

3) Recovery…it is not a popular thought but an aspect we know it is important for progressing and staying injured free.

4) We must know where we are in order to know where we are going. Assessment and planning is a part of our foundation.

5) We test out our programming for optimal results. Modifications are made where needed and we are continuously learning to bring you the best information and design possible.