Pro Training Advantages


NP offers integrated training programs for professional athletes from all sports, from NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS to UFC, Tennis and everything in between. Our unique and focused environment along with effective training programs designed to help athletes improve their performance, minimize injury risk, and prolong their professional careers. A customized plan can be developed to accommodate any athlete’s needs.

NP Pro Athlete & Team Services:

  • Half-day weekly training program
  • Full-day weekly training program
  • Physical therapy and injury rehab
  • Team evaluations & training programs
  • Post-season recovery
  • Pre-season preparation
  • In-season maintenance & recovery
  • NFL combine and Pro Day preparation
  • Fully customizable training program schedules
  • Advanced Athlete Assessment
  • Remote Coaching Services

For more information about our customized training programs for pro athletes, please contact NP at (720) 338-6992 or email us at